SleepGram Pillows Review, Price for Sale & How to Order in UK?

Everybody needs a comfortable sleep at night. Sleep is a basic need for everyone to live a healthy life. A pillow plays a vital role in providing you comfortable sleep during the night. Traditional pillows are of fixed size and get hard after some days of using. So, you need a high-quality pillow that is adjustable and can be customized according to your needs.

Sleepgram is a revolutionary pillow that has a luxurious design and can be adjusted according to your sleeping needs. The product is available with a soft or medium as required, and firm plans to support the stomach, back, and side sleep, respectively. The outer part of the pillow can be opened with a zip. It contains two pillows of different sizes inside it. You can adjust it to the height you need. If your family members have different mass and different sleeping styles, the Sleep Gram pillow is an excellent choice for you as it can be adjusted according to the sleeping styles.

How does it work?

Sleepgram pillow is the best choice for a relaxed sleep. It is suitable for people with allergy problems as it is free from allergic threats. It has two pillows inside it; one is red, and another one is blue. It works according to the placement of these two pillows.

  1. Only a blue pillow: only a blue pillow is suitable for people with neck pain and stomach sleeper. Only a blue pillow with the cover makes it a softer pillow with low height.
  2. Only red pillow: a red pillow with the cover makes it a medium height pillow. It is suitable for people with shoulder pain and side sleeper.
  3. Combination of the red and blue pillow: both pillows inside the cover make it a substantial and high pillow. People with back pain should use this combination.

Benefits of Sleepgram pillow:

The benefits of SleepGram Pillows are –

  • It is adjustable according to the sleeping styles.
  • It has anti-allergic properties, so people with an allergy can use it.
  • It is made of cotton, so it provides relaxed sleep and can be cleaned easily.

Price and money-back guarantee:

You can purchase this unique pillow from the official website. It is available in queen size and king size.

A queen size pillow costs less if you purchase four pillows at a time and even less if you are buying six pillows at a time. Similarly, one king-size pillow costs much less if you are buying four pillows at a time and even less if you purchase six pillows at a time.

It provides you 100 nights money-back guarantee. You can use and try the product for 100 nights and return it if not satisfied to get a full refund.

Customer Reviews:

Customer 1:

It is a perfect pillow for me. I enjoy my sleep on this pillow. Highly recommended!

Customer 2:

I purchased it just because it will support my allergy. I am pleased with it as I am getting relaxed and deep sleep every night.


SleepGram is an extraordinary pillow that allows the users to adjust it according to their sleeping needs. If you have difficulties in sleeping, you should go for this product.   The product is available for sale from the official website.