BLQ Bright Activated Charcoal Powder Reviews & Where to Buy in UK?

A dirty tooth is a let-down for anyone. Each of us wants to know the secret of the diamond white bright teeth of celebrities. The foods we take every day like tea, Coffee, and cigarettes cause strains in our teeth. Those yellowish dirty teeth will make you lose your confidence in the public, and people go crazy in search of a solution to get brightening white teeth.

The secret is now available for anyone. Get rid of your bleach and messy strips; you can now get that “Camera-ready” smile with all-natural BLQ Bright powder-based teeth whitening.

BLQ Bright teeth whitening highlights:

  • Professional results can be achieved at home
  • Simple utilization, you can use them anywhere
  • Economical and very affordable
  • Completely natural

How does it work?

Step 1. Eliminating stains: To whiten the teeth, you should first remove the adamant stains on your teeth. BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder works on the dirt and stains in the teeth and gently removes it without causing any harsh effects in your mouth.

Step 2. Whitening teeth: Now that the stains on your teeth have been removed, it is time to whiten them. The BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder get the Nanoparticles on work. This, combined with the natural charcoal will make the shade of your teeth whiter. The best part is you will be able to see visible results within just six weeks. We recommend you to use the product after that once a week to give an even polish to your teeth. This process will help you achieve the white shade to your preferred effect.

Step 3. Support the mouth PH: This is the important part. You will need to keep your mouth in a healthy condition, which in turn maintains your teeth in the same way. Hence BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder comes with the charcoal particles to ward off bad bacteria and keep the bacteria available in the mouth in perfect balance.

How is it made?

The charcoal used in BLQ Bright teeth the UK is procured from “exotic woods” and has to go through 5 step process.

Step 1: The best woodcuts are picked up to start the process

Step 2: The picked up wood is seared in our “rare earth” oven. The temperature is set to over 3000 degrees.

Step 3: The charcoal is now disinfected.

Step 4: The charcoaled wood from step 2 is now moved to refine and process.

Step 5: Once the charcoal is refined, add-ons like mint extract and other plant-based products are added to the powder.

Apart from these, the BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder has added Nanoparticles. This adding procedure also takes place in 5 steps as below:

Step 1: We choose rare earth elements selectively from water, earth, and wood.

Step 2: It is cleaned and disinfected for any contamination.

Step 3: The system now coverts large particles to Nano size.

Step 4: Once done, it is added to the blend.

Step 5: Here comes the final process of packing and quality check on finished powder. It is then ready to use by the public.

Secret Ingredient behind BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder:

While using teeth whitening strips and bleach is widely used, it is sure to damage the teeth’s enamel in the long term. People are now aware of the impacts and are heading towards natural solutions. BLQ Bright wanted to come up with an all-natural ingredients based product. We are listing out the ingredients below:

  • Activated Charcoal: BLQ Bright teeth whitening uses “Rare earth” charcoal furnishes with the polish.
  • Nanoparticles: The Nanoparticles used in the teeth whitening powder improves the whitening process.
  • Mint extract: BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder uses fresh mint extract. Mint is famously known for its freshness and taste provides the powder with good power and flavor.

Benefits of BLQ Bright UK:

White teeth are believed to give a beautiful smile. BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder the following benefits:

  • Easy to use by travelers
  • Affordable price
  • 24 K gold Nanoparticles used
  • Completely natural
  • Boosts confidence


Made from a blend of naturally sourced ingredients, and priced at a very affordable rate, BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder is the best buy to get that starry smile you always dreamt of. Waste no time, you can now sport sparkling white teeth without having to make multiple visits to the dentist. Buy your pack today only on the company’s official website.