BLQ Bright Review & The Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Price in UK

Pearl white teeth always add beauty to your smile. However, as we age, our teeth turn grey. Our food habits like Coffee, soft drinks, tea, etc. make our teeth lose their luster. People go behind, strips, bleach, and spend hundreds to get white teeth. However, these methods don’t last long, and techniques like tooth bleaching will damage the enamel of the teeth.

There are many kinds of toothpaste and rinses available in the market claiming to be whitening your teeth. However, you should understand that these toothpaste and rinses use chemical abrasives to clean and remove the stains in your teeth.

Can you imagine if you can get whiter teeth in just seven days? Get that professional outcome at home using the BLQ bright UK teeth whitening powder. Unlike other bleach and messy strips, BLQ bright UK has come up with an all-natural solution for brighter pearl white teeth and a refreshing mouth.

BLQ Bright:

BLQ bright Teeth Whitening Powder has produced a natural solution that can be currently availed by the residents of the UK. BLQ Charcoal powder uses rare wood charcoal for producing this amazing teeth whitening powder. BLQ Bright teeth whitening powder has the following highlights:

  1. Exclusive for the people of the UK
  2. Whitens your teeth 25 times better than other teeth whitening products available in the UK
  3. Uses natural charcoal from rare wood.


The ingredients chosen by BLQ bright UK are 100% natural and made in the UK. The main ingredients are listed below:

  1. Activated charcoal: Activated charcoal is made with the exclusively made oven from the carefully picked exotic woods.
  2. Gold nanoparticles: BLQ bright teeth whitening powder uses 24 k gold particles to brighten your teeth.
  3. Extract of Mint: BLQ bright has carefully chosen mint extract after tried and tested methods with other plant ingredients. Mint gives freshness and power and act as an excellent mouth freshener.

How is it made?

It is now known that BLQ bright predominately uses charcoal to clean the stains. BLQ Bright is developed by using two separate processes and combining them to create amazing results. One takes care of removing the stubborn stains and other focuses of refreshing your mouth. As simple as it seems, the process from picking the wood and packing it goes through some complex process. The whole process can be dived into two parts. One involves making the charcoal powder, and the other is about adding the nanoparticles to the powder. We will look at both parts briefly.

Process 1: Making of Charcoal

1st step-Sourcing charcoal: Exotic woods are selectively picked to make the best charcoal.

2nd step-Burning wood: The carefully picked wood is heated in the oven at about 3000 degrees to turn them into charcoal.

3rd step-Sanitization: The charcoal is now disinfected and is made germ free.

4th step-Processing: The disinfected charcoal is now refined and prepared.

5th step-Add-ons: Mint extract and other concerning plant-based ingredients are added.

Process 2: Adding Nanoparticles

1st step-Process rare material: Nanoparticles are chosen from the air, water, earth, and BLQ bright UK are boosted with them.

2nd step-Cleaning: The nanoparticles are cleaned and made germ free.

3rd step-Nanoparticles breakdown: Nanoparticles now goes through some complex system to get itself to strip down to small particles.

4th step-Blending: The small nanoparticles are now mixed with the blend in process 1.

5th step– Quality check: Quality check is done for the product outcome and is them available to the public for purchase.

Benefits of BLQ Bright works?

The benefits of BLQ teeth whitening powder has the following benefits:

  • Completely natural
  • Can be used at your convenience, easy to use for travelers.
  • Affordable
  • Visible results in 7 days
  • Better than any teeth whitening products available in the market
  • Bright smiles guaranteed


 Guaranteeing visible results within just seven days using the 100% natural ingredients, Blq bright has made a remarkable change in the market of teeth whitening products. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. You can check BLQ bright’s official website to purchase your bottle to get a camera-ready smile.

You will need to fill basic details of your in their order form, once it is done, you will be taken to the payment page where you can place an order, and the order will be shipped to you. You can use the powder instead of your regular toothpaste. The product is available for purchase online only on the company’s official website.