Fresh-R Air Cooler Reviews: What is Price & Where to Buy in UK?

Climatic conditions are changing globally and temperatures are rising in almost all parts of the world. Global warming is one of the most alarming issues in the world today. The hot and humid climate is being experienced in many places of the world as temperatures are soaring drastically. To keep cool and perform efficiently, it is important to keep the surroundings slightly comfortable and bearable. Installing an air conditioning system might not be feasible for all for the expense issue. Again, the fan might not be sufficient to beat the heat. Therefore a suitable and convenient way has to be sought to deal with the issue and this is where Fresh-R air cooler comes into the picture.

What is so special about Fresh-R air cooler?

Fresh-R air cooler is a modern air cooler, which is highly flexible and can be carried to many places with ease. It not only helps in refreshing the overheated air in the summer season but also provides moisture along with the cool breeze. The cooler comes with an innovative humidifier, which is highly suitable for the summer months. This cooler is an excellent choice for anyone who wants cool air, but cannot afford an air conditioner and the fan seems insufficient. The hot air gets refreshed in the room and one can experience a pleasant condition while working, relaxing and even sleeping. This air cooler is just perfect for people who love traveling.

Prominent features of Fresh-R air cooler

Some of the most prominent features of Fresh-R air cooler are as follows:

  • Durable tank–There is an in-built tank in Fresh-R air cooler, which needs to be filled with 0.6 liters of normal water and then plugged to an electric source. The water tank, which is integrated to the cooler lasts for almost 8-10 hours.
  • Adjustable rotor blades – For controlling the direction of cooling, adjustments can be made to the wind outlet rotor blades. These blades can move up and down with proper adjustments.
  • Air purification – Along with cooling the place, the Fresh-R air cooler helps in filtering out dirt and dust particles from the air excellently. As a result, the overall health of people is improved with the cooler. It also helps in quick recovery after illness. The air that you breathe becomes pure, fresh and clean.
  • Three stages of air cooler – There are three different kinds of settings in the air cooler so that all your needs can be met. This cooler can be used while working, sleeping as well as while doing sports.
  • Available in multiple colors –There are 7 different kinds of colors in which Fresh-R air cooler is available. The colors are soothing, particularly at night.
  • Easy replacement for filter – The filter of the air cooler can be easily removed. It can be cleaned and re-installed in the cooler without any assistance from a professional. Filter replacement is best done at an interval of 6 months.

Extremely positive reviews and opinions have been obtained regarding Fresh-R air cooler from people who have used the product. It can be purchased from the official website of the product.